Ebtihal Al Shehabi

Statistician, Labour Market Regulatory Authority (LMRA), Bahrain
Ebtihal Al Shehabi is a statistician at Policy & Market Intelligence Directorate since 2009, A Co-founder of Bahrain Research Consortium, an external research collaborator for the International Labour Organization and a member of Royal Statistical Society in UK as well as Bahrain Statistical Society.
At the academic level, Ebtihal is a graduate of University of Bahrain, holding BSc degree in statistics and operation research as a major and information technology as a minor, a diploma certificate in Big Data from Ensofe Institute, and a professional certificate in Building State Capability using principles of PDIA from Harvard University.

Kawthar Al Arab

Kawthar AlArab is a Programmes and Projects Manager at British Council Bahrain with experience in managing and delivering Education, Culture & Arts, Youth and Skills programmes, working with local and global organizations. Kawthar holds a B.A. degree in English Language & Literature and American Studies. She is currently the Vice President of PTSA at Al Wisam School, where she has a son going to year 3 and a daughter in reception.

Yasmeen Fadhul

Yasmeen Fadhul a Motivated self-starter with an excellent interpersonal skills demonstrated in the ability to effectively serve customers with proven ability to improve working environment and develop strong relationships with staff as a (Dental Hygienist Coordinator) dedicated to delivering optimal care and providing high- caliber patients counseling. With over 14 years of experience in oral health promotion and prevention education. Yasmeen Holds Diploma in Dental Hygien program and an active member of committee of PTSA
Children at Al Wisam School - Year 1, Year 4 and Year 7

Deena Ahmed Bucheeri

Deena Ahmed Bucheeri is married and is a proud mother of 4.
She has an impressive 17 years of experience with working in the banking sector
She has retired on October 2019

Eman Al-Matrook

Eman Al-Matrook is a housewife with a diploma in business administration.
She is a proud mohter of 3. Her eldest son being an AWS alumni of class 2017. While one of her daughters is a senior in the class of 2021 and her youngest is in Year 2.