Our Uniform

Uniform Description

From Reception to Year 6

We have designed and developed very easy to wear and maintain Polo T- Shirts which are best suited for an active lifestyle and aligned with the ever evolving and dynamic educational environments.

From Year 7 to Year 9

The uniform is a more dressed up yet relaxed look with an easy to spot change in grade levels, a feel good sky blue has been paired with plaid trousers to render a unique look for our school as we believe our kids deserve the best.

From Year 10 to Year 12

A look and feel which quintessentially has the ideals of an Ivy League ensemble. This particular grade level has been designed with a tailored trouser and a tie for our students to get ready for the professional and competitive environments they are being groomed for.

The sports kit

It has been developed by incorporating the state of the art technology we have today in active wear like Quick dry fibers which have properties like wicking and anti-perspiration in-built, colours were picked very carefully which radiate energy and enforce practicality in everyday school life.


Al Wisam School has a diverse blend of students from different parts of the world. However, we follow the modest and modern sense of Bahrain when it comes to dressing code.
  • Shoes must be worn with a pair of ankle length socks.
  • Students are expected to be tidy and clean at all times.
  • PE clothes cannot be worn on a normal school day.


  • No make-up is allowed at any time during the school day.
  • No jewellery or accessories are allowed.
  • No leggings or jeggings are allowed instead of PE loose pants.
  • No nail polish or long nails are allowed.
  • No loose hair is allowed for females.