Admission Process

Dear Parents,

Before any Registration Procedure can take place, the following needs to be completed:
  1. Application Forms must be completed and returned to Admission office, along with a non-refundable application fee and COPIES of the following documents:

    • Three (4) passport sized photographs
    • Student's CPR and the Smart Card report (CPR reader)
    • Student's Passport
    • Student's Resident Permit (for non-Bahrainis only)
    • Student's Birth Certificate
    • Student's immunizations and medical record
    • Parents' CPR and Smart Card report (CPR reader)
    • Parents' CV (curriculum vitae) along with the certificates.
    • F.WA (electricity bill)
    • Previous School Reports for the put three (3) years (including CPA and Cumulative Percentage for High School).
    • Certificates of good conduct from previous school.
    • Leaving Certificate from the previous school.
    • Equivalency letter from Ministry of Education (for those who are coming from outside of Bahrain only)
  2. Evaluation and Acceptance:

    • Admission test dates will be set alter the submission of all the completed documents.
    • Parents will be notified with the test slate through SMS.
    • Parents will be notified with the test result after 10 days through SMS.
    • Parents are advised to complete the registration by signing the acceptance letter and paying the registration, books fees, and other fees within one week of the acceptance. Failing to do so will be considered as declining the acceptance and the offer of place will be cancelled.
  3. Filling out the Application Form does not mean the applicant is accepted.