Our History


Today, after 14 years of endless effort towards student and school development, the school consists of over 1200 students of 25 different nationalities and a team of 150 highly dedicated, committed and professional staff members, that all work towards inspiring young minds to lead the future.

Over the past 5 years, the school has been preparing itself for two accreditations. The school received its candidacy status from MSA after the MSA. Work on the self-study then began and continued through various staff changes at the school and was completed in time to host an April 24-28, 2016 Middle States Visiting Team.


The concept of Heads of Department and their roles and responsibilities within the school were solidified. Policies were created and documented regarding all different aspects of the school management and operational structure. There is a very clear communication channel established throughout the school using information technology which is constantly advancing and has become the most effective mode of communication between teachers and parents. To further specify the schools' goals and aims collaboratively, the Mission and Vision of the school were derived and periodically reviewed to the current Mission and Vision which was set in 2015.


In order to pace ourselves with the ever-evolving and developing the world, a new computerized management system was inaugurated and the OLIVE system was developed in 2014, as a grades tracking and monitoring system for students and parents alike. The system is now actively being used throughout the school and allows parents and teachers to individually monitor student performance academically and socially.

Subsequently, in April of 2014, the QQA monitoring visit gave the school an opportunity to illustrate its many changes and improvements. Through this, it was concluded that all inadequate standards had been addressed. In the following year, the school went through another full in-depth review. The school attained a substantially improved result with 3 ‘Good’ ‘standards’, 1 Satisfactory, and 1 ‘Outstanding’ and achieving QQA Accreditation with an overall rating of ‘Satisfactory’.


The School campus initially consisted of a villa which is currently known as Block A. Gradually, Block B, was built which accommodates the middle and high school sections of the school and consists of 24 classrooms, 2 offices, 2 equipped science laboratories and functioning bathrooms on every floor. Due to an increase in student enrollment, a new building was added in 2014; this building was made for the primary and elementary sections of the school and is known as Block D.

Block D holds a total of 21 classes, an art room, and an ICT laboratory. The school has all the major facilities that students need to have a healthy, safe and effective learning experience, inclusive of a football pitch, a play area, a basketball court, a separate music, ICT and art room, in addition to a state-of-the-art playground made specifically for preschool students. All classrooms have projectors and/or smart Boards installed within them also.


QQA is a mandatory Bahraini accrediting body (The National Authority of Qualifications and Quality Assurance for Education and Training.) In October 2012, Al Wisam underwent its first full QQA review visit of the school, where AWS was deemed inadequate in 4 out of 6 areas, while 2 were rated satisfactory


In 2011, when leadership team members identified a need for change, the school campus was shifted to a new location, which would be able to facilitate the needs of students and teachers alike. 2011 was the year in which the first cohort of young Year 14 students successfully graduated from school. After the successful initiation of the IGCSE exams, the A-level external examinations were introduced to Year 12 and Year 14 students and the Edexcel Board was soon added and authorized as part of the IGCSE and A-levels curriculum.


In 2009, the British Cambridge curriculum was introduced to the school, and thereafter in 2010, the IGCSE Cambridge Board exams were conducted.


Founded in 2004, Al Wisam School is an independent co-educational school that aims to provide affordable, high-quality schooling within the private sector of the education industry in the kingdom of Bahrain.