AWS Spring Trip to France & Belgium 
(April 9 to13, 2017)

AlWisam students went on an exciting international trip to France and Belgium during April spring break 2017. They were given the opportunity to discover the European culture, history and lifestyle. Students visited monumental locations that includes visit to amazing picturesque town Bruge, Atomium, Mini Europe, Famous chocolate shops lining the cobbled streets, Brussels historical Town hall, Statues of Patriotic world war fighters, Architectural masterpieces of castles and cathedrals, Disney Land, Magnificent Eiffel Tower, Arc De Triomphe, Sacré-Cœur, and Canal boat tour. Students were  inspired by history, art, landscape , weather, cuisine and Symbolic structures of aluminium and steel .

The trip was lead by: 

     Dr. Lina Lewis - School Principal
     Mrs. Arfa Mudassar - Pre-School Head
     Mrs. Huda AlSaei - HOD, Specialist Department


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