Student Council


The purpose of the AWS Student Council is:

  • To coordinate and encourage all student activities within the scope of AWS Student Councils.
  • To work with the administration in all matters affecting the welfare of the student body.
  • To establish reasonable standards for recognition of all organization on campus.
  • To stimulate and develop good citizenship and democracy among students.
  • To encourage social development through participation in campus life.
  • To encourage leadership through service.

The AWS Student Council provides the main forum for discussing student concerns and ideas. The student group is dedicated to developing leadership skills and enhancing co-curricular life. In addition, students are given the opportunity to interact with faculty, staff and administrators. Members of the AWS Student Council are responsible for representing and serving the needs of the student body through coordinating student activities and charity fundraisers.

High School Student Council

  • H.S. Executive Student Council

The High School Student Council plays a significant role in the life of Al Wisam students. It is composed of 19 students from the high school who are elected by their peers. We have representatives from our four grades, three councils and from the entire high school (executive student council). There is a president, a vice president, a secretary and a treasurer in each group.

The Student Council will host a series of events, including class competitions, the High School talent show, Family Fun day and others that will be decided throughout the year to raise spirit and energy within the high school. They are also responsible for the weekly assemblies where they inform the students about upcoming events and advertise opportunities both inside and outside of school for our students to get involved in.

The Executive Student Council works extremely tightly with the Head boy and Head girl as well as the grade representatives and the Academic, Social Service and Sports Councils to not only create a pleasant atmosphere in the high school but also to help each other grow as individual leaders throughout the year. As executives, they emphasize on the importance of personal growth through the student council workshop they host. They try to be the bridge between students and teachers as well as the bridge between Al Wisam and the other Schools. To extend and strengthen their connections, the executives will work with representatives from other schools to organize small events, such as the student council exchanges as well as big events. All of the 19 students in the Student Council are driven, creative and enthusiastic and put in a lot of effort to accomplish the goals that they set for themselves.

  • Sports Council

The Sports Council is made up of energetic, dedicated, and athletic students who are interested in promoting and raising school spirit throughout the year. Sports Council members will help organize friendly games with other schools help sell food to raise funds for the P.E. department, organize sports day and run the Sports Awards at the end of the year to recognize athletic achievements. In addition to this, the Sports Council recognizes the athlete of the month every month to encourage students to be the best athletes they can be. Sports Council members also report sports results every week during assembly to inform the student body of the accomplishments of our athletes, and work hard to encourage people to attend games to support them.

  • Social Service Council

The Social Service Council is dedicated to promoting social awareness and strengthening our school’s community by providing volunteer opportunities. From breast cancer awareness campaigns to themed free dress days, this organization serves to rekindle the spirit of charity, as well as bring our attention to the ongoing global issues. Furthermore, all the proceeds from other fundraising activities will go towards a greater good. They will also specialize in outside-of-school activities such as Ramadan Meal distributions for the poor amongst other events. The aim of Social Service Council is interlocked with the theme “A Social Awareness Which Impels Action”. Whether it is direct action or indirect action Social Service Council strives to make a difference.

  • Academic Council

The Academic Council helps students with their studies and makes the school a more enjoyable place by fostering academic interests. Its two main events are Parent teacher conferences and Orientation evenings. The role of Academic Council members is to guide parents around the school to their classes or allocated areas. The Academic Council also collaborates with the Arabic and Counseling Department to organize Bahrain National Day. It is responsible for organizing the morning assembly, and making sure that everything on the day runs smoothly. Throughout the year, the Academic Council assists the students and school with the Model United Nations.

  • Class Representatives

The role of the class representative is very important for he/she will be the connection between the class and the student Council body as well as the teachers and admin members. If there are any concerns within the class, the class representative will be the ones responsible to deliver the message and try to find a solution. Also, Class representative will be responsible to announce and deliver all important messages and notifications to their classmates. He/She will have to keep the students updated at all times and will also need to help the homeroom teacher during homeroom. In case a class would like to arrange for a field trip, then all suggestions will be given to the class representative after which he/she will take it to the administration along with a proposal for approval.

High School Student Council Officers

hs student council

Middle School Student Council Officers

middle student council