AWS Library


AWS school library is where students, staff and often, parents have access to a selection of resources. AWS library is designed in a way to ensure that all members of the school community have the right access to books and reading materials. 

AWS library contains a number of leveled-readers, novels in both Arabic and English, general books, films, recorded songs and periodicals. These items are not only for the education and pleasure of the all members of the school community, but also to improve and develop the school's curriculum.

AWS library provides a range of learning opportunities for groups and individuals with a focus on intellectual content and information literacy. In addition to classroom visits with collaborating teachers, AWS school library also serves as a place for students to do independent work. It is also where events might be held, tutoring and even testing. 

Students also have access to the internet and EBSCO through their AWS School Management System (Olive) Portal. EBSCO provides Information Services with access to research databases, e-books and e-journals.

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