High School Curriculum


Grade 9 and 10: English as a Second Language

Cambridge IGCSE English as a Second Language is designed for learners who already have a working knowledge of the language and who want to consolidate their understanding in order to progress in their academic or professional career. The qualification reflects the widespread use of English in education and commerce, and also in entertainment.

The aim is to achieve a level of practical communication ideal for everyday use, which can also form the basis for further, more in-depth language study. Taken from: http://www.cie.org.uk/

Grade 11 and 12:

Grade 11 AS Edexcel
Grade 12 AS Edexcel


IGCSE and AS-level

The High School is designed to meet the needs of students from 14–18 years of age. Key Stage 4, years 10 and 11 prepares students to take IGCSE, and the final two years of school, year 12 and 13, offers courses which prepare students for entry to universities worldwide.

Throughout all phases we teach the skills that students need for learning and for life beyond school- independent enquiry, team-working and effective participation, reflection, communication, self- management, creativity, global citizenship and encourage them to achieve a healthy balance in their lives.

AWIS offers for our Year 10 & Year 11 (Grade 9 and 10) students, the General Certificate of Secondary Education provided by EDEXCEL Examination. The two-year programme is the world's most popular international qualification for 14-16 year olds. It develops students' skills in creative thinking, enquiry and problem solving, giving them excellent preparation for their next steps in education, and equips them with skills for immediate employment. Universities and colleges worldwide recognize the IGCSE and EDEXCELprogrammes.

AWIS offer IGCSE programme for the following Science subjects: Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

As A-level student advance through the school they have a greater choice of courses enabling them to maximize their potential by choosing courses more closely matched to their interests, aptitudes and learning styles.

Although this course is assessed through examination, students will be given practical lessons to allow them to understand the practical applications of the subject. AS level Science subjects offered are Physics, Chemistry and Biology

Subject Areas and Syllabi

For each subject there is a syllabus or a programme of study which describes the subject knowledge, skills and understanding your child is expected to acquire over the course. Subject teachers will plan work and assessments to suit your child’s learning needs. The knowledge and skills will be acquired in a variety of ways and are not necessarily linked to a specific text book.

A) Year 10 & 11 ( Grade 9 and Grade 10)


At Key Stage 4 students study IGCSE in Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Whilst the majority of students will choose to study two sciences, there is the option to take the third science for those students who have a special interest in the sciences. As of September 2014, the school adopted the EDEXCEL syllabus which provides a sound foundation for progression to studies at A Level.

The Edexcel International GCSE in Science

The Edexcel International GCSE in Science is designed for use in schools and colleges. It is part of a suite of International GCSEs offered by Edexcel.

The course offers students the opportunity to experience science within the context of their general education. The course design provides a basis for progression to further study in GCE Advanced Subsidiary and Advanced Level Physics.

How assessment relates to the qualifications available is shown below.

The assessment for this qualification is linear and both papers need to be completed in the same series.


B) Year 12 & Year 13 ( Grade 11 and 12 )


Biology, Chemistry and Physics are offered at Key Stage 5 and the Science Department follows the EDEXCEL syllabus.

The International Advanced Level qualifications in Science
( AS level )

The International Advanced Level qualifications in Science require students to:

  • recognise, recall and show understanding of scientific knowledge
  • select, organise and communicate relevant information in a variety of forms
  • analyse and evaluate scientific knowledge and processes
  • apply scientific knowledge and processes to unfamiliar situations
  • assess the validity, reliability and credibility of scientific information.
  • demonstrate and describe ethical, safe and skillful practical techniques and processes, selecting appropriate qualitative and quantitative methods
  • make, record and communicate reliable and valid observations and measurements with appropriate precision and accuracy
  • analyse, interpret, explain and evaluate the methodology, results and impact of their own and others’ experimental and investigative activities in a variety of ways.

Grade 11 will be completing Unit 1 of the AS level in the academic year.

Grade12 will be completing Units 1, 2 and 3 of the AS level by the end of this academic year.


Grade 9 Edexcel International GCSE in Mathematics (Foundation Tier)

Grade 10 Edexcel International GCSE in Mathematics (Foundation Tier /Higher Tier)

Grade 11/12 - Edexcel International Advanced Subsidiary Level in Mathematics

Grade11B-AS Level (2 years course)

Grade 11A - AS Level (1 year course)

Grade 12 - AS Level

Grade 11B - AS Level ( 2 years course)

Grade 11A - AS Level ( 1 year course)

Grade 12 - AS Level