Acceptance Process

  1. In order to be admitted into the school, a student must show competency in the placement tests completed for Mathematics, English and Arabic for the applicable grade level.
  2. The school must be convinced that it is in the student’s best interest to join the school.
  3. After a decision is made, parents will be notified by email or through a phone call, of the results within one week of testing as to whether the student has been accepted or not. Please note that the Admission Committee’s decisions are final.
  4. Once the acceptance letter is issued, parents are advised to complete the registration by paying the registration and books fees within one week of the acceptance. Failing to do so will be considered as declining the acceptance and the acceptance offer will be revoked.

Important notes:

  •  Filling out the Application Form does not mean the applicant has been accepted
  • Students who have met all the entry requirements may be put on a waiting list based on the lack of space in the grade level that they have applied to. Parents will be notified should this status change.
  • The school may revoke its acceptance at any time should it become aware that information has been withheld or falsely presented to the school.