Principal's Message

Lina Lewis

Welcome to the Al Wisam School (AWS) website, and thank you for choosing to visit our website. 

The intent of our website is primarily to help AWS community to communicate more effectively and meaningfully with the school. Utilizing our online platform, users can access information that is relevant to their area of interest. Whether you are looking for information about admissions, curriculum, or employment opportunities, our website should be able to help you find what you need in a timely manner. We aim to keep you informed and connect you with all the happenings of our school. 

If you were to ask an Al Wisam parent why they chose us for their son/daughter, they would tell you that pupils here seem particularly happy and balanced, that we are working hard in combining academic excellence with an outstanding range of opportunities beyond the classroom and provide Good pastoral care. 

At AWS you will find: high expectations of pupils; teachers who are enthusiastic about their subject; staff who are dedicated to the task of ensuring their pupils are happy and successful; the best quality facilities; a good level of discipline; and care for every individual. 

We believe that the "one size fits all" model of education is no longer appropriate for today’s student. Children have different learning styles and some achieve better in certain environments. We are committed to continuing our quest to find the most effective ways for all students to learn. AWS symbolizes how unified the Board of Governors, PTA, administration, staff, students and our community are in our belief that the work we do every day has the power to make a difference in children's lives. 

And finally, I wish to send a bouquet of thanks to every faculty and staff member who has contributed to the education of hundreds of AWS students over the past ten years. 

There has been a sincere effort by the Senior Leadership Team, Middle Leadership Team, and Board of Governors this year to support the faculty for their great effort and commitment to AWS students’' welfare inside and outside of the classrooms. I am confident that AWS will continue and strengthen its tradition of hiring, developing, and supporting excellent teachers, supervisors, heads of departments and leaders in order that AWS moves from "good to great". 

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website. We will be updating the content regularly, so be sure to check back often. 


Dr Lina Lewis took up the post of School Principal at Al Wisam in September 2013. Dr Lewis was educated at Beirut University College (BUC), Lebanon, where she read Chemistry, then earned her Masters Degree in Biochemistry at Brunel University of West London. She earned her PhD from Cardiff University of Wales in Medical Biochemistry and earned her International School Leadership Certificate from the Principals Training Centre, PTC. She taught IBDP and held leadership positions at Bahrain Bayan School before being appointed Vice President, Institutional Advancement, at University College Bahrain. She then was appointed Deputy Principal at Shaikha Hessa Girls’  School before taking the post at Al Wisam School.


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