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The campus accommodates students from Nursery to Grade 12 in three buildings. Our staff and school community comprises of 21 different nationalities working collaboratively and cooperatively together.

The school campus is comprised of central villa (Block A) that houses 10 pre-school classes and administration offices. The school has an art room for middle and high school students, staff room, main reception and a small sized swimming pool with some seating area situated in the middle.

The villa (Block A) is connected to a newly built elementary building that has 19 classes, an art room and ICT laboratory, and two extension administration offices. The middle and high school building (Block B) consists of 24 classes with three admin offices, two science laboratories and a server room. The school library links the multipurpose hall where Store Offices are housed in addition to the middle and high school ICT laboratory (Block C).

The school has good sized classrooms equipped with maximum of 24 students in each class, ventilated windows, and a good indoor play area facilities for the pre-school (Block A) and well equipped outdoor playground for the higher grades. AWS has a regular successful visits from the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Interior in order to check the school practices. Most of the classes are equipped with projectors or interactive boards or to promote and instill skills in technology.